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MoD Pontoon

Pontoon For The MoD Destined For Devenport

Marine Fabrication are one of the UK’s Leading manufacturers of Pontoons. We have fabricated bespoke projects from houseboat pontoons to fueling berths for the MoD down at the Devenport Marina for the Marines.

The MoD projects was definitley our favourite and most challenging to do due to the standard of perfection the were after. We had to use a metal core wire for the root and a flux core wire for the cap and there was a lot of welding and inspections as we progressed with the project.

After the fabrication we had to give it a 2 coat paint job with a SA2.5 sand blast first and the paint had to be to 450 microns and they were pressure tested to 3 bar for 1 continuous hour






Pressure Testing Pontoon to 3 Bar

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