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Marine Fabrication Are The Global Leaders In Pontoon Fabrication / Manufacturing & Maintenance

Marine Fabrication Are The Global Leaders In Pontoon Fabrication / Manufacturing & Maintenance, supplying the Mod with bespoke projects as well as individual needs
We offer the following.

Linkflote Pontoons

Linkflote Pontoon


Each standard unit has the following dimension

  • length 6000mm
  • width 2500mm
  • depth 1200mm
  • thickness between 6 & 8mm depending upon project use
  • hook at the bottom pin at the top – industry standard
  • new build
  • External – Blast clean SA2.5
  • 1 Coat Coal Tar Epoxy to mean thickness of 200 microns
  • Internal – Wire Brush and 1 Coat Coal tar Epoxy to nominal thickness of 50 microns

Linkflote Pontoon Drawings

Below are some costings from other suppliers for the same products that we do
Ravenstein charge £924 / meter square
Linkflote charge £726 / meter square
We charge £580 / meter square
these prices were based on figures from 2014


A ‘floating dock is a platform or ramp supported by pontoons. It is usually joined to the shore with a ramp that rests upon the dock on rollers, to adjust for the vertical movement of the dock. The dock is usually held in place by vertical poles embedded in the soil under the water or by anchored cables.
Frequently used in marinas for small boats, this type of dock maintains a fixed vertical relationship to watercraft secured to it, independent of tidal, river or lake elevation. It is less suited for larger craft as the docks cannot support large structures or cranes.
In some regions of the world, a floating dock is called a pontoon.
PILES(Pontoon Installation + Location Engagement System) are used to secure pontoon and give as little movement as possible.