Chariots Australian Cuisine Boat

Chariots Australian Boat Restaurant Paddington London

Chariots Australian Cuisine Boat Fabrication Conversion

Marine Fabrication carried out this boat fabrication conversion project for British Land. BL had bought 2 x barges that were used in the 2012 Olympic games and the job at Marine Fabrication was to convert them into restaurants that will serve Australian cuisine. The boat would reside outside Paddington station in the basin.

Once we received both vessels at our factory our first job was to completely strip the interiors out so they were an empty shell, this included the engine, toilets electric and plumbing then we can start the build.

Our fabrication engineers started by extending the length of each vessel by 1m and increasing the height by 250mm.

This was a complete turnkey project from start to finish in our factory including the electrics, plumbing and windows.

The 2 x Chariots (as we referred to them) were transported to Hampton and tugged into final position where we joined them together with a staircase

View the Gallery where some still images show the steps towards the full completion along with a short video.

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